Outdoor Parking Spaces:

Length: 20 Feet = $65/Month

Length: 22 Feet = $70/Month

Length: 29 Feet = $75/Month

Please call for availability.

Description: Fits contents of a two-to-three bedroom house or large apartment. Great for multiple bedroom sets and large furniture. Also good for business inventory and storage racks.

Size: 10 x 18 (180 Square Feet)

Additional Charges:
◙ One-time administrative fee of $30 due upon move-in.

◙ Deposit of $50, refundable when the unit/space is left empty and broom clean (see our rental agreement for details).

Small Unit

Large Unit

Unit Sizes & Prices

Size: 5 x 10 (50 Square Feet)

"You know you've always wanted a bigger closet."

Size: 10 x 10 (100 Square Feet)

Price: $125/Month or $1,500/Year

Description: Fits the contents of an average one-bedroom apartment. Great for bedroom sets, major appliances, sofa, large dressers, cabinets and boxes.

Description: About the size of a large walk-in closet. Good for mattresses set, dining room table, chairs and boxes.

Price: $100/Month or $1,200/Year

Medium Unit

Price: $68/Month or $816/Year

Linden Mini Storage