"Your stuff will like it here."

Linden Mini Storage

We have people from all over the globe who attend the Burning Man Event every year, and being able to fly into Reno and have their equipment ready to go is what we specialize in! Bikes, camping equipment, coolers, and even  vehicles* are stored safely and securely year-round.  Our location is convenient for shopping before you head out to the playa and close to many accommodations before you go back home. We are only 2.2 miles from the airport, very easy to find and we  have some of the best rates in the area!

​As the event nears, we accept delivered packages and we store them securely and  ready for pick up in our office when you arrive (we do not charge for this service). Please click here to download the release of liability form we require prior to accepting packages on your behalf.

We  allow Burners 24-hour electronic gate access for a week before the event and for the week after (exact dates are sent out via email each year). We also have a porta-potty and a large dumpster on-site for your convenience during that time. 

If you have photos you would like to share, please email them to us as we would like this to be your page!